Music of the Heart

Music of the Heart For Abby Renard the plan was supposed to be simple join her brothers band on the last leg of their summer tour and decide if she s finally ready for the limelight by becoming its fourth member Of cou

  • Title: Music of the Heart
  • Author: Katie Ashley
  • ISBN: 9781301786459
  • Page: 102
  • Format: ebook
  • For Abby Renard, the plan was supposed to be simple join her brothers band on the last leg of their summer tour and decide if she s finally ready for the limelight by becoming its fourth member Of course, she never imagined stumbling onto the wrong tour bus at Rock Nation would accidentally land her in the bed of Jake Slater, the notorious womanizing lead singer of RunawFor Abby Renard, the plan was supposed to be simple join her brothers band on the last leg of their summer tour and decide if she s finally ready for the limelight by becoming its fourth member Of course, she never imagined stumbling onto the wrong tour bus at Rock Nation would accidentally land her in the bed of Jake Slater, the notorious womanizing lead singer of Runaway Train When he mistakes her for one of his groupie s, Abby quickly lets him know she sure as hell isn t in his bed on purpose.Jake Slater never imagined the angel who fell into his bed would resist his charms by promptly kneeing him in the balls Of course, the fact she seems like a prissy choir girl makes her anything but his type So he is than surprised when after betting Abby she wouldn t last a week on their tour bus, she is than willing to prove him wrong But as Jake s personal life begins to implode around him, he finds an unlikely ally in Abby He s never met a woman he can talk to, joke with, or most importantly make music with.As the week starts comes to a close, neither Abby nor Jake is ready to let go Can a sweetheart Country songstress and a bad boy of Rock N Roll actually have a future together

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      Katie Ashley is a New York Times, USA Today, and Best Selling author She lives outside of Atlanta, Georgia with her daughter, Olivia, and her two very spoiled dogs She has a slight obsession with Pinterest, The Golden Girls, Harry Potter, Shakespeare, Supernatural, Designing Women, and Scooby Doo With a BA in English, a BS in Secondary English Education, and a Masters in Adolescent English Education, she spent 11 1 2 years educating the Youth of America aka teaching MS and HS English until she left to write full time in December 2012.

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    1. What kinda author would I be if I didn't love my own books, huh? Can't wait to share Abby and Jake's story with you in January!!

    2. One word: Cheesy.I really wanted to like this book. Needless to say, I was disappointed. I had a handful of issues with the story, but the most glaring travesty took place with Abby's character:1. The giggling. Abby is always giggling. Besides being repetitive and annoying, it lowered my esteem for Abby's character. I couldn't take her seriously.2. She faints. Within the first few minutes of being introduced to her character, Abby faints. Yes, it is supposedly due to hypoglycemia; however, it's [...]

    3. 3.5 Musical Stars"Music can inspire and give hope. It can show adulation and worship and praise love and people.”A feel-good kinda book, a sweet story about two young, musically talented people, beautiful inside and out. A story about the melodies we play and how our hearts respond to them. About the actions that don't have to define us and redemption. In the eyes of the person that means the most.Abby Renard grew up as the baby girl to a family of missionaries. Innocent, funny, adorable and s [...]

    4. 2 StarsI'll admit, I have a huge weakness for rock star romances and I'm always on the lookout for good one to read, but I didn't find it with this book. From the reviews, it's obvious many loved this story but for me, it fell short. I had a difficult time staying interested in the plot and the prose lacked intrigue and depth. The characters were somewhat clichéd and unsubstantial. There was a splash of steam but even those few scenes lacked a curtain amount substance. Simply put, I was BORED m [...]

    5. “Just remember that forgiveness is so much easier than regret.” Abby Renard is ready to start a new chapter in her life. She is joining her brother’s christian rock group ‘Jacob’s Ladder’. She gets on what she thinks is their tour bus. But its not Jacob’s Ladder’s bus, it’s Jake Slater’s (lead singer of Runaway Train) bus. Jake and Abby get off to a rocky start. Abby literally falls into Jakes bed. Jake is fine with this, Abby, however, is not. Jake’s not used to being turn [...]

    6. When I received an ARC of Music of the Heart from Katie I was I had be waiting what felt like FOREVER to read this one! I knew we had the hot rock star Jake in it and the good girl Abby and well when I read the first part of the book where dear Abby finds herself on Jake's bus ~ well I it was enough to make meAbby is going to be joining her brothers out on tour but a little detour onto the wrong bus turns into an adventure of a lifetime. The wicked bad boy Jake slater took one look at that Angel [...]

    7. "We'd barely known each other twenty-four hours, so he didn't owe me anything. But, deep down, his behavior pierced through my heart to sting my soul."I am still wiping away my tears from this book, ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!! I don't know how Katie Ashley does it but she has once again rocked my world and left me saying OMG, I LOVE IT, Perfection, My heart hurts, and I now have a permenant smile on my face and yes its all because of this book!!!!!This book starts because of an "accid [...]

    8. I had such high hopes for this book. I had been waiting for it to be released and was excited to read it when it came out. I am so sad to say that it wasn't what I was hoping for. I never really liked Jake and I felt like Abby was just way to forgiving. I wanted to love it I honestly did because I have loved Katie Ashley's other books but this one just didn't work for me. Although I wasn't a huge fan of this book I will still read anything written by this author. On to the next good book.

    9. It KILLS me not to rate this higher I LOVE this author and I LOVE the idea (bad boy reformed whore rock star with tattoos). I just felt this book wasallow. I can't really put into words why. I didn't like that Abby is willing to try to be in a relationship literally hours after he has had sex with Bree. I didn't understand his emotional freak outs. I feel like they were not fully developed or explained (apart from the first one). I HATE it when everyone is immediately enamored of the female char [...]

    10. This was a nice reading!I liked Jake&Abby, they were good together and really funny!Abby was very smart and she didn't get shy and fall in bed with Jake.She liked him but that doesn't meant that she would follow him around like a love-sick puppy!Jake on the other hand was what a rock star should be a womanizer with a great look and an even better voice!They were good together.t friends creating musicd knowing each other then loversI liked the whole band but I think my favorite was AJ, he was [...]

    11. So I knew I was probably going to like this book because 1. It is written by one of my fave authors Katie Ashley and 2. Rock Stars. Do you really need more than that? Well, she provided so much more. This book is such a fantastic read. It has everything: It is funny, emotional, romantic, heartbreaking, angsty, and uplifting. I felt every emotion. I cried numerous times, sometimes because I was happy, sometimes I was a little sad, and one time I even did the big ugly cry.Music of the Heart is the [...]

    12. Even after thinking on this for about 3 days, I feel just as strongly. Was Jake schizophrenic or something? I mean one minute he's saying some pretty mean things driving home how much of an a-hole he is, then the next minute he's spewing how different this girl is and how much he needs a girl in his life. The whole time i'm shouting make up you mind already!!!! I mean Katy Perry's "Hot n Cold" was written just for this guy!!!!And the heroine, can you say doormat?? I mean, they write saying how s [...]

    13. SPOILER. SPOILER. SPOILER SPOILER A childish, doormat heroine. Slut shame, manwhore, sex and. religion?? Not a good combination. A virgin sexy vixen heroine. So ot!! And to make it short: hero gotta a blow job from a random waitress after heroine made him hard and heroine saw them leaving the back room at restaurant. Then next day she saw him going to the bus bedroom with his frequently hook up and heard them have sex. After the heroine comforted him the day before and slept (just sleeping) with [...]

    14. Whistle. Hum. *tap your foot* and sing along to the music.Music of the Heart by Katie Ashley is a sweet, sexy treat that will have you smiling and turning up the radio!We jump right into the fun when our heroine, Abby, ends up on the wrong bus of rockers. Add in a knee to the nuts, instant chemistry, and a dare---sparks start flying! These pages are filled with hot tattooed rockers, music, sex, banter, and blow jobs! All the right ingredients to sweep me off my feet. :) Hell this story even had [...]

    15. 3,5 Stars.Well i'm not gonna lie! It was good and i loved all the secondary characters, but i had a huge problem with Abby's naivety and Jake's assholish ways.Thankfully though that changed later on when we were lucky enough to be adorned with crazily sexy or cute scenes, entertaining dialogues and laughable situations as much as deeply sentimental develpoments and bittersweet plot twists.However not everything was fine, my main problem never stopped bothering even when it seemed irrelevant, yes [...]

    16. 2 Stars**HUGE SIGHI really really really wanted to like Music of the Heart. It had a lot of elements in a novel I enjoy, such as bad-boy rocker with tats, sweet naïve virgin Heroine and crazy love tension, HOWEVERI JUST COULD NOT GET INTO IT.I see the reviews and I just don’t get it. I am highly disappointed since I like Katie Ashley and The Proposition was fantastic! So…What went wrong?So you have sweet virginal Abby, who is tagging along her brother’s band tour, but doesn’t know if sh [...]

    17. 4.5 stars! I love Katie Ashley writing style.Abby, a Christian good girl, ends up on the wrong tour bus on her way to meet her brothers' Christian rock band. She ends up making a bet with the notorious womanizer, Jake. To win the bet she must stay on the tour bus with him and the band for a week.This story dealt with wrong doings and forgiveness. Jake's mom, Susan, summed it up best, "Just remember that forgiveness is so much easier than regret." I still want to know what happened to Abby gettin [...]

    18. It was a charming read, I enjoyed it.This was a solid 3.5 stars.There were a few moments of head shaking regarding the whiplash speed of mood swings between the two main characters, but quite honestly, it must be a challenge for an author to wrap up a love story in 600ish pages rather than a three or four book series. Other reviewers were unhappy with the speedy pace of their relationship, mostly claiming that it was unrealistic Are we really reading this genre for the realism and probability of [...]

    19. 3.5 Stars for this Sweet, 'Music of the Heart,' read."I had made a bet with the notorious womanizing lead singer of Runaway Train to stay on their bus for an entire week. What the hell had I been thinking?" "My experience with guys was pretty much non-existent."Our leading lady is Abby, she's 21 and innocent; a singer, guitarist, and training to be a nurse. A hard working sweet, beautiful girl who’s sassy and feisty"You're like a guy's wet dream." ~ Jake Our hunk of a man is Jake, 'xy as hell, [...]

    20. 3.5 StarsI have been waiting in eager anticipation for Music of the Heart ever since I laid eyes on that delicious cover (just look at it!! *drools*) and read the description. This was such a fun and intense read, full of emotion and ups and downs. Abby is about to join up with her brothers’ rock band on their tour as their new lead singer. When a miscommunication lands her on the wrong tour bus and in the bed of Jake Slater, the lead singer of the famous band Runaway Train, Abby is shocked ou [...]

    21. O.M.G. Katie has hit another home run! This story wasn't good. It was amesomely fantastic! Oh where to even begin with this book!Abby is all set to meet up with her brothers (The Christian Crossover Group - Jacob's Ladder) to start her life as part of the band. She flies out to meet up with her family at a Mega Concert, much like Woodstock, and finds herself rushing to catch their bus before they take off for the next town. Weaving her way through hundreds of buses that all look alike, she asks [...]

    22. 3.75I’ve gone back and forth with my rating for this one (hence the funky rating). There was a lot to like about this book. It was very much what I would describe as a “rock star fairytale” a la beauty and the beast. You have Jake the bad boy rock star (although, to be honest, while he was no choir boy, he was pretty darn mild for a rock star), who gets the sweet innocent girl, Abby, to stay with him. She ends up seeing the good man behind the façade, falls in love, and changes the “bea [...]

    23. Finished. In one day. Didn't even like that I had to put it down to eat. For those of you that might actually see my reviews, you should know that character development is HUGE with me. I also need to be able to visualize. I'm sure I'm not the only one and that's not why I'm saying this. I'm saying this because this book right here - Music of the Heart - I was right there. I WAS Abby. Jake was wooing me. Every emotion, every second of angst - every second of pleasure, they were MINE. Within the [...]

    24. Has good bones, but strangely feels flat to me. I got a little frustrated with some basic contradictions. For example, how can she keep claiming that she will never leave him WHILE she is running away! Plus, every time I read about a dark haired rocker with a lithe body and tats, I can't help but picture Adam Levine (even though he gets dissed big in this book)

    25. another 'romance' with a douchbag hero and a doormat heroine. I swear I'm gonna make a shelf for this/review/show

    26. DNFI am not rating this one, because even though I tried really hard, I can't finish it. Far too many inconsistencies, a so-called bad boy who just isn't bad, plus a little preachy for my taste.I did enjoy Katie's other books, so I know that I can read books she has written but this one really wasn't for me. I hate not finishing things, but I just can't make myself do it this time.

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