DMZ, Vol. 1: On the Ground

DMZ Vol On the Ground Set in a near future where a second American civil war rages a lone journalist is stranded in the middle of New York City now a brutal no man s land Mirroring current events DMZ is an unforgiving l

  • Title: DMZ, Vol. 1: On the Ground
  • Author: Brian Wood Riccardo Burchielli Brian Azzarello
  • ISBN: 9781401210625
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Paperback
  • Set in a near future where a second American civil war rages, a lone journalist is stranded in the middle of New York City, now a brutal no man s land Mirroring current events, DMZ is an unforgiving look at what a war on terror can do to a civilian population.

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      281 Brian Wood Riccardo Burchielli Brian Azzarello
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    1. Brian Wood Riccardo Burchielli Brian Azzarello

      Brian Wood s history of published work includes nearly thirty volumes of genre spanning original material From the 1500 page future war epic DMZ, the ecological disaster series The Massive, the American crime drama Briggs Land, the blistering youth culture action trilogy The Couriers, and the groundbreaking lo fi dystopia Channel Zero, Wood has a proven track record of marrying socially conscious world building and political commentary with compelling and diverse characters.His indie YA novels Demo, Local, The New York Four, and Mara have made YALSA and New York Public Library best of lists His historical fiction, the Viking series Northlanders and the American Revolution centered Rebels, are benchmarks in the comic book industry.He co wrote the award winning video game 1979 Revolution Black Friday, and is currently adapting his Briggs Land graphic novel series for television at AMC.

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    1. It's Civil War, Dude Cool!The premise sounds interesting enough: "With overseas wars bogging down the Army and National Guard, the U.S. government mistakenly neglects the very real threat of anti-establishment militias scattered across the United States. Like a sleeping giant, Middle America rises up, sparking a second American civil war."The problem is this would not be a Brian Wood story if it wasn't seriously lacking in substance and trying way too hard to make up for it with hipster characte [...]

    2. Under the backdrop of an American Civil War between the U.S Government and the Free States, Manhattan is now a no-man’s land. Enter Matty Roth, photo journalist-intern who gets stranded in NYC. The island is an armed camp divided and subdivided by neighborhoods, streets and buildings. Colorful characters roam freely.This has an Escape From New York meets Mister Rogers Neighborhood vibe as Matty explores NYC and meets up with a variety of armed and dangerous characters.Mr. Rogers: Hi neighbor. [...]

    3. Ok, I dunno if this was the tipping point in my education, but this was the FIRST graphic novel that actually sucked me in similar to how I immerse myself in novels. I really think it was the art that instantly hooked me. I am relieved, because I thought I would never "GET" graphic novels, but this one I HAD to know what was gonna happen next, I really was interested in the characters (and cared about them for once) and the world really drew me in. I love loved it, and I will be instantly purcha [...]

    4. In the not-too-distant-future, a new civil war has erupted between the United States of America and the secessionist Free States Army. Both factions have declared the island of Manhattan a Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), leaving those inside to fend for themselves. An intern with Liberty News Network, Matty Roth, has elected to live in the zone and document life inside the war-torn Big Apple.As the opening trade in a lengthy series, On The Ground does a great job establishing the conflict, as well as [...]

    5. This was OK, but based on all the rave reviews I was expecting something more. I like the basic concept of DMZ, and will probably continue to read more of it, even though I wasn't crazy about the first volume (which comprises the first five issues of the DC/Vertigo series)Z takes place in Manhattan in a near future in which Middle America (a.k.a. "The Free States") has declared war on the rest of the country (a.k.a. "The United States of America") and pushed east all the way through to New Jerse [...]

    6. Given away (to Craig?)I picked up this book (and the second volume) based on reading a couple very positive reviews, but when push comes to shove, I'm not too terribly impressed with it.It's a neat idea, certainly. America is in the midst of its second civil war, and New York is right on the dividing line between the federal government and the Free States movement, with Manhattan serving as the titular demilitarized zone. But despite the many glowing reviews from a variety of major news sources [...]

    7. It seems odd to me that the latest batch of 'sophisticated', 'mature' titles so often leave little to the imagination, as if the reader cannot be trusted to arrive at their own conclusions. It's a shame to see such a lack of subtlety in a medium which responds so well to a light, suggestive touch. I don't want to be one of those guys who talks about how 'the old days were better', but I just find most newer titles to be lacking in depth and complexity.In the book's opening, there is a shot of th [...]

    8. A hundred million years ago, when I was in high school, I thought war was cool. And maybe even rad. I read stories of warriors from prior eras and about the glory and honour found in a battlefield death for a good cause. I licked my chops in adulant glee while devouring films like Red Dawn and Edge of Darkness. The thought of dying and killing for the good of the homeland was a relishment. I was, in fact, a moron.Sure, I had been sold a bill of goods, the lie that war is glorious and that dying [...]

    9. There's something quite American in fantasizing about total destruction of known social environment. The amount of dystopian YA fiction these days is staggering. That's not to say that DMZ is somehow a YA book, but it still follows the same logic. Within the context of present-day US culture, concept of full scale war on domestic soil is a terrifying one. Popular culture knows this and milks it well. It stands to reason, seeing as the last time that happened was during the Civil War. For rest of [...]

    10. What a great concept - something right out of a movie John Carpenter should have made. DMZ is ongoing series about life on Manhattan island during the second Civil War - this one a battle between the Free States (everything from New Jersey inland) and the United States (now just Brooklyn, Queens, and the rest of Long Island).This is story of Matty Roth, a kid with connections in the still strong US media, getting a job as a cameraman for a Pulitzer prize winning journalist. Matty is left behind, [...]

    11. America goes through another civil war and the line is drawn on the Eastern seaboard, the de-militarised zone is the island of Manhattan. Matty Roth, an intern for a popular news outlet, is sent to the DMZ to assist the seasoned reporters collect stories but his group are ambushed and he finds himself the sole survivor. He decides to stay and do what he can in documenting the lives of the surviving peoples on Manhattan. Welcome to DMZ. I think Vertigo put out the best comics series out there and [...]

    12. I really enjoyed this Volume 1 of DMZ, collecting issues 1-5. Civil War has been raging in NYC for 5+yrs now, and a kid gets the chance of a lifetime to accompany the Pulitzer-Prize winning photo-journalist into the DMZ in Manhattan and document life there. Well shit goes sour fastour boy (Matty) finds himself flung headfirst into what's really going on there, and sees that it is nothing like what they tell the rest of the world. The story is interesting, and I always enjoy Dystopian/Post-Apocal [...]

    13. Love the core concept, and seen as a complete series it's probably great (i'm reading it). But, as a stand alone book, the author could have ended it better (it's a chapter, doesn't have the feeling of a partial ending). The artwork is great and suits the storyline perfectly.

    14. Still making up my mind on this one. It's an interesting world Wood creates, though we don't see much of it this early on.

    15. Escape from New York?DMZ is the story of a journalist named Matty Roth, who gets stranded in the ruins of Manhattan, New York, during the second American Civil War and must learn the lay of the land quickly or be killed in the crossfire.This comic, a Vertigo title, is as gritty as they come and is not for the faint of heart, as it does display the horrors of war.I liked it, this was my first Vertigo title and despite the violence, the story was well written and used lots of themes that surround [...]

    16. Few works feel as authentic and relevant to current-day crises as Brian Wood and Riccardo Burchielli’s DMZ. Borne quite clearly from the sensibilities of post-9/11, it takes all of the horrors and damage of warfare waged abroad and brings it home in a fully realized, potent reminder of life during wartime, a life the vast majority of American citizens have been politely oblivious to aside from the brief, sanitized images they see on the nightly news.Wood and Burchielli do not pull any punches. [...]

    17. I returned graphic Novel last month ( tht ended up on my shelves by mistake) and well I found myself hurrying for a choice in a vast Public store, with th aid of friends Various choices presented there, but I was in the constant pressure of 2 friends. Finally I found myself holding 2 choices, and recalling how I was " " in dystopian/war mongers scenarios I tuoght I might as well give it a try. But several factors left me unsutisfied. For once, I lik'd the premise that War was moved in the U.S so [...]

    18. America is gripped by a vicious civil war between the United States and the Free States. NYC is caught in the middle, a perilous no-man's-land filled with ordinary citizens turned desperate survivors. Little information gets in or out of Manhattan (or the DMZ, as it's known), so a Pulitzer-winning journalist and his entourage set out to be the first. But they are shot down just as they enter the DMZ, and only the journalist's oblivious young photographer survives. Zee, the local medic, takes Mat [...]

    19. I think it's safe to say I'm pretty hooked by this series already, having finished the entire first volume in about an hour. I love the way Wood just throws the reader into the series much the same as the main character, Matty Roth, is thrown into it. Matty is surprised with an assignment to enter Manhattan as an intern alongside a war journalist. When things go wrong, he's left alone to write the stories himself, chronicling life in a warzone.The overall premise of the series is pretty huge. Am [...]

    20. Dan recommended this book to me out of the blue sometime last year and I picked it up on the strength of said recommendation. I have not regretted it.It's set at a time in the near future and while we were playing in the sand in the Middle East with all our forces deployed, the country experiences civil war. Fundamentalist/survivalist types form a militia that starts in the middle of the country and pushes out to both coasts. There are pockets of the old guard left though and there is one key ba [...]

    21. Imagine the United States loses the majority of the continental US after a brutal Second American Civil War, with the remaining land of Long Island, Brooklyn, and Queens making up what’s left of the Stars and Stripes, the inland to the West (starting with New Jersey) taken over by the Free States, and Manhattan Island being a gang/tribe-infested no-man’s-land referred to as the DMZ. The latter being the setting in which photojournalist intern Matthew (Matty) Roth is dropped after an assignme [...]

    22. a good read,The main character, a whiny rich kid reporter wanna be, was not so sympathetic to my tastes. But the characters and sitiautions he encounters are excellent. And the concept of Manhattan as a DMZ zone between 2 warring versions of the Divided States, is great. Main character may evolve into a likable one as this is only volume One.Deals a lot with the ignorance of what warfare means for the citizens caught up in the battles. Battles they may not have an interest in, yet occur in their [...]

    23. This is such an amazing concept. Brian Wood imagines a world where Manhattan is a demilitarized zone in a war between New Jersey (and the rest of the states) and Long Island and the other NY boroughs, which still hold the "United States" name. Maybe because I just finished To Afghanistan and Back, this felt like an alternate history far too close. What if a civil war had erupted post-9/11? What if we were a war zone, like Bosnia, and other areas rife with conflict? This explores the possibilitie [...]

    24. Brian Woodin DMZ:n (Demilitarized Zone) lukeminen venähti pitkäksi. Kiinnostavasta ideasta huolimatta tarina ei napannut mukaansa. Lähitulevaisuudessa sisällisota U.S.:n hallituksen ja vapaiden osavaltojen välillä on hieman muokannut Amerikkaa erinäköiseksi. Manhattan on demilitarisoitu ei-kenenkään-maa, jonne lähetetään uutisryhmä raportoimaan tilannetta. Kone kuitenkin ammutaan alas. Assistentiksi palkattu Matty Roth jää henkiin tapaturmasta ja ryhtyy vapaaksi toimittajaksi. H [...]

    25. This is basically a post-apocalypse or post-collapse scenario, in NYC, and a look at how the city and its people function afterwards, as told from the perspective of a young, twentysomething inexperienced journalist.I think the violence and language are too gratuitous, and too casual, even for a book set in a war zone. In some ways it's coming from that 'guy' mentality, and it makes the book read a little like a blockbuster action movie. But the parts that explore the city and its denizens and h [...]

    26. Almost gave this four stars, but I thought at points it was a bit too much screaming "DID YOU GET THE MESSAGE?" in my face. It needed to be just a bit more subtle. Overall though it's a cool set-up, with Manhattan being the DMZ in a civil war in America. The main character is an intern who is supposed to be going in to the DMZ with a seasoned journalist to report on the situation there. Only things go to hell and he gets stuck in there alone. I'm definitely interested to see where this goes in f [...]

    27. Excellent. So good, in fact, that I almost didn't go back to work from my lunch hour. Been a long time since i've considered faking a flat tire for a book. ;) An excellent story, set in Manhattan of the future, when there is a civil war going on, and a young journalism intern is left behind in the dmz. I can't wait to read the next volume! Great art, fantastic story.

    28. Vivid and expansively imagined, and it shows some solid research. I do wish that the authors had worked in more background information about the story, about what happened to give rise to the situation in which it's set. Maybe that will come in future volumes in the series.

    29. How do they do it? With so few words, and snapshot images, they give us character, heart, cultural references and a depth of story line that could rival any epic on the market today. Superb!I'll be buying the next volume immediately!

    30. I liked pretyt much everything about this smart, gritty SF graphic story. I'll be eagerly seeking out more.

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