Be My Boy

Be My Boy Devastated by the loss of his Master and long time partner Owen s life slips into a tailspin of loneliness and abuse When he finally gives in and gives up an angel pulls him from the filthy ground o

  • Title: Be My Boy
  • Author: Casey K. Cox
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 381
  • Format: ebook
  • Devastated by the loss of his Master and long time partner, Owen s life slips into a tailspin of loneliness and abuse When he finally gives in and gives up, an angel pulls him from the filthy ground of a back alley.Mitchell isn t in the market for a new boy, but he can t bear to stand by and watch Owen s demise from the sidelines He finds than a companion in the oldDevastated by the loss of his Master and long time partner, Owen s life slips into a tailspin of loneliness and abuse When he finally gives in and gives up, an angel pulls him from the filthy ground of a back alley.Mitchell isn t in the market for a new boy, but he can t bear to stand by and watch Owen s demise from the sidelines He finds than a companion in the older man when he takes him under his wing, and makes it his mission to show Owen it s never too late to teach an old dog some new tricks.

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      381 Casey K. Cox
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    1. Casey K. Cox

      Casey K Cox is an avid reader and author of m m erotic fiction Hailing from the West of England she tends to set her stories in the UK although some of her characters have been known to travel in time and space The popular Rise of Alec Caldwell series is now available in print Check out the list of titles available and follow her work at caseykcox

    156 thoughts on “Be My Boy”

    1. I was hesitating whether to read it or not, as I’m not a fan of BDSM stories in general, and especially not of master/slave stories. But the reviews convinced me to do so, and I’m so glad I read it. It is such a wonderful story! The same soft hand that had dried his tears last night caressed his cheek. “Are you real, or did I die in my sleep?”It started pretty rough, but fortunately got better quickly. Mitchell amazed me with his openness, with his clear communication. He had a perfect w [...]

    2. Nicely done.Unexpectedly sweet and tender; featuring a balanced emotional spectrum that was neither too angsty nor too flippant.

    3. So this is not my type of theme at all Master slave just not something I enjoy, but I loved this book, except the opening scene was too much for me if it would have started at the end of that scene I would have given it five stars. It took me a while to get past the opening scene but this story rocked!

    4. I requested recommendations of books about an older sub and younger Dom. This was one of several recommended. Enjoyable and very quick one-sitting read, well-written and leaving me wanting to read more by this new-to-me author. Angsty but hopeful and sweet. I enjoyed that despite his youth and inexperience Mitchell took charge with enough confidence to set his own rules (view spoiler)[like taking exactly what he wanted at the time by bottoming Owen but on top their first night (hide spoiler)] an [...]

    5. I really enjoyed this and the older "boy" with the younger "master" was very refreshing. Owen is vulnerable and sweet and conditoned to serve. And everyone who sees him is missing that the man is a treasure. Until Mitchell. I loved the alpha in him layered in kindness. I am not a big fan of BDSM but this one showed me the tenderness that it can be and how reassuring. Highly recommended.

    6. Awesome story Casey! I really enjoyed the M/s relationship between these two men. I am not a fan of humiliation or the "passing around" of a slave. SO I was more than tickled shitless for Owen when Mitchell outlined his rules."I’m not into humiliation so you don’t have to worry about that. What I want is someone to care for, who will care for me in return.” HOOK. "The only big rule is that you are mine and mine alone. Nobody else will touch you. I will never offer you to anyone else and I [...]

    7. Ok, so I don't really get the D/S thing and I think the way it works in this book is quite unrealistic, but . . . this was a really sweet story and the sex was fine, very light D/S, not disturbing at all. Well, except for the part where the S is much older and acts like a child, almost borderline retarded at points--that was a little off for me--but I like the role reversal, too, with the young man being the Dom. I was pleasantly surprised. I don't know what that says about me(I had to add a fre [...]

    8. *** 3 Master and Boy stars ***---------------------------He may be older; Mitchell may be the boy in literal terms in their relationship but there was no doubt in either of their minds which way the power flowed.---------------------------A bittersweet and kinda dark tale with a twist in stereotypes.----------------------------------------------------------A short story in the collection "Don't Read in the Closet, Volume Two" from the MM Romance Group Hot Summer Event 2011. Click HERE for t [...]

    9. There are no BDSM scenes in this short novella which is why I like it. But there is a definite Master/Slave relationship. The story was actually surprisingly poignant. Owen's Master of 20 years has just passed away and Owen is chased out of his home by Cole's sister. Forced to go back to tricking in order to get money, he is a broken man pushing 50. After being beaten and abused by one too many johns in an alley, he is rescued by a young man, Mitchell, who takes him home. I loved the ending of t [...]

    10. 2.5 Stars. This is not poorly written or anything & I understand that it's interesting with the role reversal of the sub being middle aged & the dom being younger, but it just didn't work for me. I kept feeling sorry for Owen, who didn't have the sense to realize that turning tricks was a lousy option & that you need to read legal wills & papers or even hire a lawyer before signing over your inheritance. You know, basic stuff the average middle age man knows. Owen was just a litt [...]

    11. I'm also one of those who isn't a big fan of D/s or BDSM, but I will read them. This one was perfect for me, no actual BDSM scenes, even without those Casey was able to make me believe the Master/Slave relationship that happens between Mitchell and Owen. So sweet!Mitchell, what a sweetheart and Owen, so heartbreaking, I just wanted to take him home with me and hug him to death!Well done Casey!

    12. This was a short quick read that I wish was longer. When his longtime Master died Owen was devastated he lost his lover and his home as his Master's sister took his home and gave him twenty thousand dollars. Owen tries to get a job but it didn't workout he also tried to find a new master but being almost 50 it also didn't workout. Owen turn to selling his body to him who like it rough. Mitchell has been watching Owen for awhile when he finds him in an alley he takes him home. Mitchell is a young [...]

    13. Every now & then, you come across a book that is just so good it shines. 'Be My Boy' is one of those books. I've always wondered what happens to the house boys, who are true submissive's, when they are no longer young, new & shiny. Most of the books have beautiful subs & powerful, virile Doms this story turned the stereotypes on their heads & delivered a powerful & poignant tale of healing, love & deserved happiness. Owen was such a sad, lonely man until Mitchell took hi [...]

    14. This short story was surprisingly good. Owen is a very lost soul, after his master of 22 years dies. A seemingly chance encounter with a much younger man, Mitchell, gives Owen some much needed support and direction.I would love to read an expanded version of this story so we could actaully some character development and some background on Mitchell. There is a lot of potential there. Still, it was written quite well and I enjoyed it a lot.

    15. I liked the story and the little we learn about Owen (Mitchell isn't fleshed out). The story could have been five times as long - their relationship and the D/s elements are glossed over, as well as the rest (view spoiler)[ (I didn't get the reference about Mitchell being a Morgan at the end) (hide spoiler)], that's why it's only 3 stars. All in all a nice fast read.

    16. Generally I am not a fan of D/s or BDSM stories, so I pick the ones I read pretty carefully.As this author was new to me and it was part of the HSD I decided to just go for it!And boy,(pun intended:) am I glad I did! This was such a sad, sweet romance packed into such a small package! I would definitely read more from this author and this couple.

    17. I wasn't sure you could make this one work in a way that I'd enjoy (most BDSM stories don't do much for me), but gee, I was wrong to doubt you! The story ended up being much sweeter and full of hope than I had anticipated! Mitchell was the perfect Dom for me - strong, decisive, protective and loving. In fact, I'd love to read more about this couple. Thank you so much for writing it.

    18. I'm not a huge fan of D/S stories, although this is one of the most lovely story a have read.The beginning put me off a little bit, but I'm so glad I keep reading.

    19. This is a sweet, though unconventional, BDSM love story about a middle aged sub who has served one Master for over twenty years. When his Master, Cole, passes away, Owen is devastated. He's completely at a loss, having spent the entirety of his adult life tending to his Master's needs. He knows nothing about personal finance, decision-making, or even joining the work force.Cole's sister "generously" offers to pay Owen a lump sum of money if he will vacate his home without any fuss. Owen, being s [...]

    20. Be My Boy by Casey K. Cox was, simply put, a sweet sip of a story! Owen, a 47 year-old submissive finds himself alone and nearly homeless after the death of his Master, Cole. He is turning tricks, taking both physical and verbal abuse from the highest bidder when Mitchell walks into his life. Young, attractive and looking for a "boy", Mitchell takes Owen home and proceeds to heal the man's shattered ego and give him the strength to consider living again.Along the way, Mitchell helps Owen recover [...]

    21. ***Read as part of the free Don't Read in the Closet: Volume Two anthology. Story #6***Might be spoilerish. So feel warned!Owen is lost after the death of his husband. There comes Mitchell rescuing him"Hey," Mitchell said. "You're safe now. I've got you, baby." Gentle stroking over Owen's tired body. "I've got you."I really loved this story! The "old" sub/young dom subject did intrigue me and was handled very good."You still want to be my boy?""It's not a case of wanting. I am your boy."It saden [...]

    22. I liked Owen and Mitchell. It would have made for an interesting story if it had been longer.(view spoiler)[I was sad at the beginning of the book, when Owen felt so lost and without hope, uncaring of how he was abused both physically and emotionally. Mitchell was indeed a knight in shining armour when he saved Owen from those 2 rapists (Jimmy and Miles).I so wanted to read more about how both men would get comfortable in the new roles of their relationship. The scene with Tina trying to rob Owe [...]

    23. This was lovely delightful story. What does happen to slaves whose Master passes away? Or worst, breaks up and leaves them? Owen is over fifty years old and he hasn't worked outside of the home in over two decades. With the death of his master, he's been tossed out of his home by his master's sister and lost everything.This is a very sad story for me. The first half of it, I felt nothing but pity for this lost soul and anger at his master for not taking care of him. The white in shining armour i [...]

    24. Definitly a very cute story that feels more like a fairy tale (after the opening scene, which is awful). An interesting achievement since it is about a D/s relationship without involving BDSM. I liked that because it put the focus on the developing trust and love between Owen (the older sub) and Mitchell (the younger Master). That in itself is a fairly unusual variation on the theme and was a nice twist.If you like the dynamics of Dominance and submission but don't want the BDSM that usually goe [...]

    25. I think 3.75 stars. Yup.This was delightfully sweet - don't be fooled by the BDSM theme it's fairly non-existent in truth, and the roughest sex wasn't even between the two MC's. Owen was so lost and broken, I wanted to hug him tight, then Mitchell came along and was a dreamy sweet Knight-in-Shining-Armour hero. Sigh. But I was left wondering, is there a book somewhere about the leather club owning Morgan brothers? It felt as if I missed something maybe, the way they were thrown in at the end the [...]

    26. This story about an "older" (well, I'd call him middle-aged) slave who loses his master and his way is very well done. About to give up on life after the death of his master and the loss of his home and finally running out of money, Owen is really at the end of his rope. After a particularly distateful trick, Mitchell comes to his rescue. How their relationship unfolds is the beauty in this story. Can't wait to read more from this author.

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