The Deep Zone

The Deep Zone In this gripping debut thriller from James M Tabor a brilliant and beautiful scientist and a mysterious special ops soldier must lead a team deep into the Earth on a desperate hunt for the cure to a

  • Title: The Deep Zone
  • Author: James M. Tabor
  • ISBN: 9780345530615
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In this gripping debut thriller from James M Tabor, a brilliant and beautiful scientist and a mysterious special ops soldier must lead a team deep into the Earth on a desperate hunt for the cure to a deadly epidemic When she was unjustly fired from a clandestine government laboratory, microbiologist Hallie Leland swore she would never look back But she can t ignore anIn this gripping debut thriller from James M Tabor, a brilliant and beautiful scientist and a mysterious special ops soldier must lead a team deep into the Earth on a desperate hunt for the cure to a deadly epidemic When she was unjustly fired from a clandestine government laboratory, microbiologist Hallie Leland swore she would never look back But she can t ignore an urgent summons from the White House to reenter the realm of cutting edge science and dangerous secrets Potentially the worst threat since Pearl Harbor is how the president describes a mysterious epidemic killing American soldiers in Afghanistan and now poised for outbreak in the States and beyond Millions will die unless Hallie and a hastily mobilized team can recover the ultrarare organism needed to create a new antibiotic The good news is that Hallie knows about the organism than anyone else on the planet The bad news is that it can be found only at the bottom of Earth s deepest cave Hallie s team is capable especially the mysterious Wil Bowman, who knows as much about high tech weaponry as he does about microbiology but the challenge appears insurmountable Before even reaching the supercave, they must traverse a forbidding Mexican jungle populated by warring cartels, Federales, and murderous locals Only then can they confront the cave s flooded tunnels, lakes of acid, bottomless chasms, and mind warping blackness But the deadliest enemies are hiding in plain sight a powerful traitor high in the Washington ranks and a cunning assassin deep underground, determined to turn Hallie s mission into a journey of no return The award winning and bestselling author of two nonfiction books about adventure and exploration, James M Tabor now plunges readers into the harrowing subterranean world of supercaves and even deeper, into a race with the devil thriller that pits one woman against a lethal epidemic and a murderous conspiracy.

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    1. Just won a copy of this through giveaways. This is my first win. I am so excited to be getting this book. I look forward to reading and reviewing it for all my GR friends. This will be my first James Tabor novel. Love reading new authors. Stoked!!!Finally finished The Deep Zone. I was pleased with this book but not completely blown away. The military scenes in Afghanistan, where the virus firsts starts attacking soldiers are an amazing part of this novel. The characters are down home country bo [...]

    2. I'll write the kind of review I wished I had seen before I grabbed this out of the library.This is an awful book full of mediocre writing and cardboard characters.Don't waste your time.If you're jonesing for suspense in this style of story, just go reread some old Tom Clancy.Trust me on this. The Deep Zone? Nope, just the Crap Zone.

    3. An intriguing science based thriller with a storyline that moves along nicely with a few twists and surprises. Think of a typical Michael Crichton novel except without going overboard on the scientific facts. A fun read!

    4. I love a good scientific thriller, so when I saw a blurb that called THE DEEP ZONE James Rollins, a personal favorite, meets Journey To The Center of the earth, I knew it was going to be good.I wasn't wrong.For a first novel, James Tabor sure moves things deftly along, balancing two story lines to keep one flipping the pages. One is a trip by five people into a cave in Mexico, the deepest cave in the world, to retrieve more biological material for an antibiotic that might cure a new disease that [...]

    5. It all begins with the war in Afghanistan and a young soldier is shot. Medic care is provided immediately. Everything looked good.But something went horribly, horribly wrong, and a strain of bacteria that would make Eboli look weak threatens to take out the US military forces.If you like a good book, take a deep breath, you're about to go on a wild ride that won't let you put this book down until you've consumed it. And I seldom say that about any book these days.Tabor tells a story of espionage [...]

    6. This was a good-not great, fun-but not quite exciting read. I am giving it three stars and that is a pretty fair call. It might could have been four, but the book falls victim to the praises on its cover. Brad Thor called it 'The Andromeda Strain for the twenty-first century', and it was not even in the same ballpark as that book. Thor also says 'et the new Michael Crichton', and I mean no disrespect to James M. Tabor, but this couldn't be further from the truth and it does a disservice to the b [...]

    7. This is a thriller and a very good one. The best I have read in over a year. I read this 400 page book in 2 days. I read myself to sleep almost every night. That didn't work here. I struggled to stay AWAKE so I could keep up with the story. A novel, but based on good science. In this case microbiology. Millions of people will die unless a microorganism is retrieved. And, of course the microorganism only lives in the deepest part of the worlds deepest cave. It could have been at the bottom of the [...]

    8. This debut thriller by Tabor centers around Hallie Leland, a government research scientist and her race against the clock to find a cure for a deadly flesh eating bacterium before it causes a pandemic. Hallie is a strong protagonist assisted by a mysterious special ops guy who accompanies her to a super cave in Mexico to retrieve a possible antidote to the bacterium. Of course they are being pursued by agents of a shadowy group out to make millions on the cure as well as bad guys from within the [...]

    9. I enjoyed the book. I did not quite know what to expect when I first started reading it [the cover did get me, though - I thought it was a beautiful cover, with the emphasis on the red and black], but it did remind me of some of the "science thrillers" I had read back in the early nineties. (view spoiler)[It is kind of "funny" how even twenty years ago people were worried about different types of "superbugs" that would defy antibiotics and have the potential to annihilate humanity. (hide spoiler [...]

    10. This book appealed to me because it had to do with caving. A subject/hobby that has always fascinated me. I have also read part of his non-fiction book Blind Descent (still working on it). I enjoyed this book, but it has flaws. Lots of flaws. James Tabor has a long ways to go to become a good writer.Now, don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed this book, and read it quite quickly, but it is not “good” in the sense of good. You will not marvel at the writing in this book, the plotting, or the charact [...]

    11. An eerily timely premise, with plenty of plot twists and complexities.Strong characters, including the lead female scientist, Hallie Leland. Even so, it felt a little too structured and predictable. I'm mainly disappointed by the romantic thread. It felt a contrived - at best stereotypical (female scientist falls for silent, deadly military guy - really??).Enjoyed it enough that I will try other books by this author and hope that Tabor leaves out the romance.

    12. It was entertaining, but somewhere in the middle, I lost interest and walked away from it for a few weeks. Maybe it was the book, maybe it was me. That said, I'm open to reading more of his books in the future—after I try some other authors first.

    13. Premise: A deadly bacterial strain is introduced into a military hospital in Afghanistan, and it is from there that it makes its way back to the United States. Common antibiotics aren’t working on this mutation, and the only hope comes from a “moonmilk” from the deepest cave in Mexico that has the ability to fight off the most powerful of pathogens. And the person who discovered the moonmilk must go back in to get more samples, even though she was fired from her position for unexplainable [...]

    14. The deep zone.A real page turner!As a certified scuba diver, the author was on the mark in all detail relating to it

    15. The Deep Zone by James M. Tabor 04/05/2012I loved the movie, Journey to the Center of the Earth. It holds a special spot in my DVD rack. It was the first movie I watched as a kid that I sat all the way through. Caves, rocks, and fossils did more for me than Cinderella ever could. When I got the chance to review the uncorrect proof of The Deep Zone by James M. Tabor, I jumped at it. The novel was everything I expected and then some. An apocalyptic disease has hit our military. Ninety percent of s [...]

    16. If you are an adventurer in life or just an armchair adventurer, this is going to be a novel you just can't put down. The only problem I had with this book was that there was just a touch too much technical data for me, otherwise this was almost as good asFrozen Solid: A Novel, "Frozen Solid" has a little more finesse than "The Deep Zone" did. Anyone who has an interest in caving is going to LOVE this novel since most of it takes place in a 'super cave'.This book was written with a lot of skill [...]

    17. When I was 12 years old my Cub Scout Troop spent the night in Cumberland Caverns, an extensive cave system in Tennessee. At one point we were instructed to turn off all the lights. To this day I get chills when I think about my first (and only) experience with complete and UTTER darkness."The Deep Zone" by James M. Tabor does a good job of imparting that sensation to his readers. His background expertise as a climber and dive master is represented quite strongly in the novel. The story itself is [...]

    18. Tabor’s nonfiction caving book, Blind Descent, was a real page-turner so I was excited when he came out with a novel. The story starts a little slowly and I found myself impatient for the caving to begin, but once I got through the first few chapters, I was hooked.Microbiologist Hallie Leland is working in a friend’s Florida dive shop since she was accused of espionage and fired from a promising position with the CDC. When soldiers in military hospitals begin contracting a horrific, incurabl [...]

    19. I’m pretty mixed on my thoughts of this book, and part of that is my fault. I read Frozen Solid as an ARC before ever hearing of this book, so reading this one after the second book in the series isn’t a good idea. There are a number of different story threads, all related to the sudden threat of a devastating disease and why it exists. We get the military angle mostly from the doctor treating the first to become infected, scientists trying to find a cure, some from the group that started th [...]

    20. 4 stars: Very good. Would recommend.This book kind of looked like a generic thriller book at first, but the Kindle edition went on sale for .99 so I figured I'd give it a try. I've always like caves anyways - I grew up in a rural area that had two local caves that did tours and stuff, so we went there a lot for summer camp and school field trips. The book seemed kind of long at first, but it quickly got my interest and then I couldn't put it down. Basically, an antibiotic-resistant skin eating b [...]

    21. I won a copy on Firstreads.One of the characters summed up the premise of the book very well.Here is what he said."Y'all are lookin' at a catastrophe of biblical proportions.You pulled together a group of total strangers helter-skelter.Nobody but presumably Dr. Bowman has,ah,security experience.But y'all would have us sneak into the middle of a vicious drug war, penetrate one of the deepest caves on earth, retrieve stuff that probably won't survive the trip out, and then sneak back through the [...]

    22. I recently had the opportunity to preview James Tabor’s novel “The Deep Zone”, a thrilling, exciting and fun read very similar to Clive Cussler at his best. The characters were well developed and credible with the plot being frightfully believable.The story begins with a plague breaking out in Afghanistan among our Army personnel. Heroic efforts to treat this awful disease meet in abject failure, resulting in a 90% fatality rate. The soldiers can’t be treated in Afghanistan as the diseas [...]

    23. I read The Deep Zone: A Novel by James Tabor via EarlyBirdRead. It was a mystery read, so I didn't know anything about the novel or author until it showed up at my house. What a great surprise I got!The Deep Zone is a thriller, but contains bits of romance and action/adventure. The plot is about a team of scientists that descend into a bottomless cave hoping to acquire the cure to a deadly disease that is rapidly killing people. Will they make it out alive and save the world?There are certain el [...]

    24. This is rather exhausting whirlwind thriller that doesn't relax you for a minute. I'm slighly out of breath just from reading. One of the conspiracies in this book is that someone has delibarately infected tampons with bacteria. Said sanitary equipment is also used by soldiers, and voilà, there is an epidemic of antibiotic multiresistant bacteria (ACE). Problem is that it has mutated and nothing works. There is an organization, BARDA, working on finding a new type of antibiotics, however, they [...]

    25. The main character is athletic, an expert scuba diver and cave explorer, beautiful, and a brilliant microbiologist. Hey, so what! It's a great summer romp!Hallie Leland is the only person who can save the world from an epidemic worse than the black plague and more lethal than Ebola. I happened to read this story as an Ebola outbreak in Africa is threatening to become pandemic. (About 1,000 victims so far) Perhaps this made the story a little more relevant than it would have been otherwise.Hallie [...]

    26. Excited to start another first reads giveaway. Love the feel of a new book and wondering if e- reader users can get the same little thrill from downloading something as I get from holding a book in my handse pages are bright white and the type is crisp. When I found out I was getting the ARC, I went back to the description and thought to myself that it sounded more like the type I might enjoy listening to in the car - kind of light, not requiring a ton of attention. I was pleasantly surprised th [...]

    27. When a deadly, flesh eating disease appears in wounded U.S. servicemen in Afghanistan, a group of scients is assembled to try to find a substance that could cure it. This is found at the bottom of a deep cave in Mexico.Dr. Hallie Leland had worked for the government organization sponsoring the trip and had been fired from them in the past for what she felt was unjustified reasons. However, as a scientist, she agrees to lead the group to find this potentially life saving material.There is also pa [...]

    28. The Deep Zone has a great opening, a great female lead, a great plot, and great science! There is nothing more terrifying than a highly plausible scientific thriller, and The Deep Zone fits the bill. There is a scintillating blend of medical/biological science combined with the science of deep (and I mean really deep) cave exploration. The jacket blurbs and synopsis refer to a Mexican drug war with the Federales as an enticement, but :a) NO added enticement is needed and b) The narco/federale as [...]

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