In Praise of Younger Men

In Praise of Younger Men THE SPARK OF YOUTH THE THRILL OF DESIRE What is the invigorating appeal of the younger man Is it his boyish charm his enthusiasm for life His appreciation of a woman s experience and his eagerness t

  • Title: In Praise of Younger Men
  • Author: Jo Beverley Cathy Maxwell Jaclyn Reding Lauren Royal
  • ISBN: 9780451203809
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • THE SPARK OF YOUTH THE THRILL OF DESIRE.What is the invigorating appeal of the younger man Is it his boyish charm, his enthusiasm for life His appreciation of a woman s experience, and his eagerness to learn Or perhaps it s his vigor, his unending appetite, and his willingness to please In this scintillating quartet of stories by four of today s most popular romaTHE SPARK OF YOUTH THE THRILL OF DESIRE.What is the invigorating appeal of the younger man Is it his boyish charm, his enthusiasm for life His appreciation of a woman s experience, and his eagerness to learn Or perhaps it s his vigor, his unending appetite, and his willingness to please In this scintillating quartet of stories by four of today s most popular romance writers, the answers are discovered in a younger man s embrace in tender promises of pleasure whispered behind closed doors in the hunger of his deep, soft, candlelight kisses and in his ability to reawaken in his lover the joyous simplicity of a past innocence.Let yourself go The Demon s Mistress Jo BeverleyA wealthy widow s proposition to a young officer could prove to be his redemption or his downfall A Man Who Can Dance Cathy MaxwellA governess offers lessons in the art of wooing to a studious bachelor only to fall in love herself with his newfound charm Written in the Stars Jaclyn RedingIn order to fulfill an ancient family prophecy, a young woman is destined to marry a younger man or else court disaster Forever Lauren RoyalA sensible woman throws caution to the wind when her fantasy man becomes a flesh and blood reality with an offer she can t refuse.

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      309 Jo Beverley Cathy Maxwell Jaclyn Reding Lauren Royal
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    1. Jo Beverley Cathy Maxwell Jaclyn Reding Lauren Royal

      Mary Josephine Dunn was born 22 September 1947 in Lancashire, England, UK At the age of eleven she went to an all girls boarding school, Layton Hill Convent, Blackpool At sixteen, she wrote her first romance, with a medieval setting, completed in installments in an exercise book From 1966 to 1970, she obtained a degree in English history from Keele University in Staffordshire, where she met her future husband, Ken Beverley After graduation, they married on June 24, 1971 She quickly attained a position as a youth employment officer until 1976, working first in Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire, and then in West Bridgford, Nottinghamshire.In 1976, her scientist husband was invited to do post doctoral research at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada When her professional qualifications proved not to be usable in the Canadian labour market, and she grew up their two sons and started to write her first romances.Moved to Ottawa, in 1985 she became a founding member of the Ottawa Romance Writers Association, that her nurturing community for the next twelve years The same year, she completed a regency romance, but it was promptly rejected by a number of publishers, and she settled earnestly to learning the craft In 1988, it sold to Walker, and was published as Lord Wraybourne s Betrothed She regularly appears on bestseller lists including the USA Today overall bestseller list, the New York Times, and and the Publishers Weekly list She has been the recipient of numerous awards including the Golden Leaf, the Award of Excellence, the National Readers Choice, and a two Career Achievement awards from Romantic Times She is also a five time winner of the RITA, the top award of the Romance Writers Of America, and a member of their Hall of Fame and Honor Roll.Jo Beverley passed away on May 23, 2016 after a long battle with cancer.

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    1. Though initially wanting to read Beverley chronologically, I had skimmed an excerpt of this novella, where the hero tries to kill himself, and I had to have it. The heroine being eight years older was the second reason to want and like this story, which is well written like I guess all of Beverley's books. The shortness of it makes for too brief sex-scenes, and "rough sex" probably needed more space to be explored or perhaps the author wasn't completely clear about her own feelings, so that was [...]

    2. #1 - "A Man Who Can Dance" Graham McNab & Sarah Ambrose - Friends due to being forced to work for a living in Graham's uncle's house, Sarah (32), the governess to his uncle's daughters and Graham, a physician-in-training are soon thrown together when Graham (26) is determined to win the hand of the daughter of a army official. Over the course of his lessons, Graham discovers that it is not the daughter he wants but Sarah.  Sarah thinking she is too old and on the shelf discourages his affe [...]

    3. The Demon’s Mistress is a novella. In my opinion, novellas are the teenagers of literary work too short to be a well rounded, mature novel and too gangly to be a sweet, cute short story; it’s hard to find a good one; they don’t get a lot of love. The Demon’s Mistress is part of a romance collection. We all know how that works, there’s one known writer and two or three less known writers and one of them is basically unreadable, one is okay, and one is surprisingly good. The Demon's Mist [...]

    4. I'm fond of older woman stories so I picked this up. I couldn't get into two of the stories but I did read 'Forevermore' by Lauren Royal and 'The Demon's Mistress' by Jo Beverley. The Demon's Mistress was a really good novella. The characters were well developed and there was a bit of darkness to the hero. Some angst etc. I haven't read anything else by this author but this story was strong enough that I will probably go out and find the stories related to this one and give them a try.Forevermor [...]

    5. 4 stars or even more for Jo Beverley's fabulous story "The Demon's Mistress". It is head and shoulders higher in writing quality than the other 3 stories in the book, which are really cheesy.

    6. Leído en Nov 2010Un Hombre que sabe Bailar/A Man Who Can Dance - Cathy MaxwellDentro de la Antología In Praise of Younger MenArgumento: La chispa de la juventud La emoción del deseo en este cuarteto brillante de historias de cuatro de las escritoras románticas más populares de hoy en día. Las respuestas son descubiertas en el abrazo de un hombre más jovenEn "Un hombre sabe bailar", Sarah Ambrose, una institutriz enseña a Graham McNab, un joven erudito el arte del cortejo y sin pretenderl [...]

    7. Overall 4-starsA Man Who Can Dance - 4 stars - I enjoyed it but the end was a little too nicey-nicey for me. The bad uncle and cousin came round too quickly for my taste. Forevermore - 3 stars - Unlike the others, this was set in the mid-17th c. and lud, they repeated lud too much. Lud, ''twas annoying. Written on the Stars - did not read - I'm not into paranormalsThe Devil's Mistress - 4 1/2 stars and the reason I read the anthology. It took a bit for this one to get going but once it did, it w [...]

    8. Four Novellas by Jo Beverley, Cathy Maxwell, Jaclyn Reding and Lauren Royal, in which the heroines are a bit "age-advantaged" over the men. Well, not quite to that extreme, though when you see how the women view it at first, you wonder.Royal's story is not a Regency, so tack on a star for that. It takes place shortly after the Restoration, and the author detailed the stylish attire for the era, and noted that the hero was too young to remember life under Cromwell's governance. Royal notes that s [...]

    9. synopsis:anthology of 4 historical stories about older women and younger menaginary heaven: maria, a widow just out of mourning, feels that she owes van something, because her late husband is the reason van is in the depths of despair. she arrives on the night that he plans to kill himself and proposes to pay him to play her betrothed for 6 weeksn who can dance: graham is on the cusp of becoming a doctor when he locks eyes with a beautiful woman parading the street. goaded by his cousin into a b [...]

    10. So, how does one rate an anthology? I hate anthologies, generally. Most genre novelists don't know how to write a proper short story. A handful do, but these were not them. Maxwell's story was a pile of drivel. I skipped through it in eight pages. Royal's story was slightly better, and Reding's actually kept my attention, although it wasn't great. And then there's the Jo Beverley gem at the end, which was really the only reason I was reading this anyways - it's part of a series of related books, [...]

    11. A Man Who Can Dance by Cathy Maxwell ****Jewel 02.5 Forevermore by Lauren Royal ****Written in the Stars by Jaclyn Reding ****Company of Rogues 06 the Demon's Mistress by Jo Beverley ****My Rating System:* couldn't finish, ** wouldn't recommend, *** would recommend, **** would read again, ***** have read again

    12. I was pleasantly surprised with this Anthology and especially liked the theme as I haven't read many where the hero is younger than the heroine. Normally I expect to only line maybe one or two of the stories (depending on how many there are), but I like to read them as they are short and it's a nice change of pace from novels. My ratings:"A Man Who Can Dance" by Cathy Maxwell = 4 stars /"Forevermore" by Lauren Royal = 5 stars /"Written in the Stars" by Jaclyn Reding = 3 stars /"The Demon's Mistr [...]

    13. Four stars for Jo Beverley and Lauren Royal's stories. The other two weren't anything special. I love Lauren Royal's books, as Restoration era romances are far too uncommon, and any time I read them it reminds me of discovering Forever Amber as a teenager! Jo Beverley's story had a GREAT hero. You know the story is going to be interesting, at the very least, if the first scene with the hero shows him attempting suicide. I hate rating anthologies, though, because seriously, the other two stories [...]

    14. The Jo Beverley story, "The Demon's Mistress" is one of my favorites. It's loosely connected to the Company of Rogues. The demon, Lord Vandenmeiden, or Van, is one of the three Georges in this series. Ruined by the memories of what he did and saw in the war and by his family's loss of fortunes, he is about to kill himself when he is saved by Maria. Maria is wrong for him in many ways, but absolutely right for him. He finds he won't give her up for anything. The love scenes are sizzling. The othe [...]

    15. I nearly gave up with this book when I read on the first page of a pet chipmunk* in the Scottish Highlands - is Dumfries in the Highlands? - and on the second page of a quayside in Edinburgh** but I persevered. Jo Beverley is always worth reading, although I'm pretty sure I've read her contribution in another anthology. Altogether a mixed bag. I gave it four stars for Jo Beverley and Lauren Royal.* Not a native species** The port for Edinburgh is at Leith, several miles away.

    16. I really enjoyed this quick-paced book. I initially picked it up for the Jaclyn Reding story, but ended up liking all of the stories, especially Jo Beverly's and Lauren Royal's. Guess I'm a sucker for nice guys and hot romance but it was funa great way to get away from it all for a while, which I think a good book should do for you.

    17. I can only speak to Demon's Mistress: the story of Lord Van and Maria. They meet when he's about to blow his brains out not exactly "meet cute" and she persuades him to be her 6-week fiance to keep fortune hunters at bay. Hawt, charming and unusual. Part of the Georges trio & the Rogue series.

    18. Table of Contents:A Man Who Can Dance by Cathy MaxwellForevermore by Lauren RoyalWritten in the Sun by Jaclyn RedingThe Demon's Mistress by Jo Beverly**

    19. Jo Beverley's Imaginary HeavenCathy Maxwell's A Man Who Can DanceJaclyn Reding's Written on the Stars Lauren Royal's Forevermore

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