The Burning Times

The Burning Times The year is The Inquisition rages throughout medieval France searching ruthlessly for heretics In an epic tale of passion mystery and unspeakable danger one woman faces the flamesd triumphs M

  • Title: The Burning Times
  • Author: Jeanne Kalogridis
  • ISBN: 9780684869247
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Paperback
  • The year is 1357 The Inquisition rages throughout medieval France, searching ruthlessly for heretics In an epic tale of passion, mystery, and unspeakable danger, one woman faces the flamesd triumphs Mother Marie Francoise, born Sybille, is a midwife with a precocious gift for magic a gift that makes her a prime target for persecution at the hands of the Church.The year is 1357 The Inquisition rages throughout medieval France, searching ruthlessly for heretics In an epic tale of passion, mystery, and unspeakable danger, one woman faces the flamesd triumphs Mother Marie Francoise, born Sybille, is a midwife with a precocious gift for magic a gift that makes her a prime target for persecution at the hands of the Church She flees her village and takes refuge in a Franciscan sisterhood Before long, Sybille s unusual powers bring her under the scrutiny of the Inquisition Michel, a pious and compassionate monk sent to hear her confession, finds himself drawn intimately into Sybille s life and destiny than either of them could have imagined Like a magician herself, Jeanne Kalogridis weaves a tale of star crossed love, of faith and heresy, of mysticism and witchcraft, against a fascinating historical backdrop the Black Death, the Hundred Years War, and the catastrophic defeat of France at the hands of the English The result is a page turning novel about one of the most intriguing periods in history.

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    1. Jeanne Kalogridis

      Jeanne was born in Florida , and has been interested in books ever since Her interest in language led her to earn an M.A in Linguistics She taught English as a Second Language for eight years at The American University of Washington, D.C before retiring to write full time She now lives in California with an overly adored Labrador retriever Her outside interests include yoga and reading everything ever publishedcmillan author jeanne

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    1. This was a decent book, although I had issues with it. I think the depiction of peasant life in the Medieval period is relatively well done, although I think it is hard for 21st century people to have any clue how difficult, dirty, dangerous, and restricted life was in that age. I wish that I had already read The Time Traveller’s Guide to Medieval England by Ian Mortimer, as I’m sure that Medieval France was very, very similar (and wouldn’t you just know that neither of my libraries have t [...]

    2. This haas to be one of the most stunning books I have ever read-indeed, I wouldn't be surprised if it were my favourite read of this year.Set in the years of the Inquisition, the plague, and the persecution of the Cathars,it offers a real rollercoaster ride. The main protagonists are riveting in their accessibilty, and Sybille's story is overpowering in it's beauty. Simultaneously she appears saintlike, yet so representative of "normal" mankind, that she could be a friend or neighbour to you. Th [...]

    3. This was a mediocre book. I found myself rushing through the end, not out of any sort of involvement with the plot or characters, but just to get it over with. First of all, The Burning Times bills itself as a historical novel set in France during the 1350s. However, it's really more of a fantasy novel with a historic setting. The main character, Sybille, is a member of a pagan goddess cult, blessed with supernatural powers, and destined to become even more powerful as the living embodiment of t [...]

    4. This turned out to be one of those rare books that I couldn't manage to make myself finish. Within the first fifty pages, it already had displayed a number of elements that irritate me in historical fiction - anachronistic insertions of Wicca? Check. Torture scenes during which the narrator remarks on the beauty of the victim's breasts? Check. A main character whose courage and selflessness is shown in her lack of reaction to the aforementioned torture? Check.Also, I think the "smell of fear" cl [...]

    5. I truly enjoyed this book. I read it a long time ago, and recently remembered fragments of the plot and wanted to read it again. It took me a while to figure out what book it was so I could take it out of the library again, but I was glad I did. There were definitely times when it wasn't quite as well written as it could be, so there was some confusion, but I thought the plot was involving enough to make up for that a bit. It's one of the only novels I've found about pagan/goddess religions, and [...]

    6. I've been a fan of Kalogridis' work since I started with her Diaries of the Family Dracul series and with very few exceptions I've been pretty pleased with her work. This is one of the exceptions.The premise is very interesting. Marie Sybille comes from humble enough beginnings; a midwife in medieval France. She, however, has a higher calling. She is a member of the Racembers of the Race are blessed with preternatural abilities. Telling the future, healing the sicke types of abilities that would [...]

    7. As a historical fiction fan, I thought this book was right up my alley. However, Kalogridis' writing leaves much to be desired. She must have written with a thesaurus by her side because she unnecessarily replaces adjectives with the largest words she can find. The over-use of words like "ere" and "naught," combined with the overabundance of pronouns like "Evil" and "Race" bog down the narrative. The magic instilled by the Goddess of the story seems inconsistent and the heroes are too full of do [...]

    8. Fico um bocado preplexa quando sei que tudas as torturas e mortes na fogueira existiram mesmo, afinal, o perconceito não é de agora e este livro demonstra bem que o que muitos têm é medo do desconhecido, e que como sempre, existe sempre alguém a aproveitar-se das suas condições hierarquicas, para tratar de desavenças pessoais, sim, muitos foram queimados torturados, simplesmente porque não eram do agrado do Papa ou do rei, inimigos, nem sempre hereges, e mesmo esses não deviam ter tido [...]

    9. I know this a book about pageanism and I'm a Christian but the message of faith in this novel really inspired me. I beleive it's made me a better Christian. Warning: there is some graphic content at the very beginning that almost turned me off to the book. You can just jump it without jepordizing the story line if you like.

    10. This was basically a fantasy novel, which was not what I expected as I thought it was going to be historical fiction. A good fantasy should take the reader to another world, a place of imagination. This story mixed fantasy with real history in a very confusing jumble that just didn't work. In addition it was just plain boring. Not recommended.

    11. I'm all for books that present an alternative view of history, religion, etc. But I swear, if I read the words "my beloved" in a sentence together again, I might scream. I feel like this book and others that present the view of religion that is Goddess worship, women seem to be less powerful and more whiny. I thought this was about empowering women.

    12. Thoroughly enjoyed the historical aspects of the writing though not so interested in the more esoteric practices, which I felt did not read true. Otherwise would have scored 4 stars. Switching between male/female perspectives of very different characters really added to the narrative.

    13. The only reason I didn't give this an F (I gave it a D-) is because I finished it. The most confusing book. Graphic about witchcraft, the inquisition, 1300s France. Way too into goddess worship, magic, occult. I found it awful.

    14. The best historical novel of inquisition and sorcery that I've read. I love the story, the characters, and the prose. Awesome. It's a shame that her books not arrive to Chile. Definitely. But I want more about it, about inquisition, about pagan gods and monks with the need to investigate further.

    15. Недавно читала произведение другого автора на похожую тематику, описывающую приблизительно те же времена во Франции. Если предыдущая книга, понравилась и проявила интерес к теме, то здесь совсем другая история. На мой взгляд, «Огненные Времена» можно охарактеризовать как [...]

    16. Libro troppo lento,a tratti noioso e piatto,senza una valida trama: sembra la biografia di una strega,condita male dall'elemento soprannaturale,con nel mezzo la Chiesa cattiva.

    17. Not my kind historical fiction. A Fantasy novel during the 14th century - there are many who may enjoy this story; not for me.

    18. A few weeks back, I checked this book out of the library for a re-read, having initially read “The Burning Times” nearly a year ago.I hadn’t expected to get hooked when I first picked up “The Burning Times,” but let’s just say that I didn’t get much accomplished that particular weekend other than reading this novel straight through. I had thought I would be reading a fairly mundane story about the inquisition and medieval witch burnings, and I was happily caught off-guard by Kalogr [...]

    19. "Libero arbitrio. L'uomo deve fare affidamento sul proprio cuore per trovare la retta via."3,5 stelline per questo libro. Bella storia, ma avrei dato 4 stelline se la storia fosse stata raccontata diversamente, purtroppo non mi piacciono i racconti nei racconti.

    20. Há momentos que marcaram para sempre a nossa imaginação e épocas que suscitam um tal maravilhamento que serão retratadas de todas as formas possíveis. A caça às bruxas e a Peste Negra são duas das razões para a Idade Média ser conhecida como a Idade das Trevas que estando recheada de pormenores e enredos, é uma inspiração para qualquer escritor que procure um palco denso e rico para um livro deste género, o que a torna uma das épocas históricas mais retratadas na literatura.Jean [...]

    21. I really love Jeanne Kalogridis' writing style, it's descriptive but not cumbersome and I found it easy to get into the head-spaces of her main characters. I would liken her style to JV Jones, my other favourite author of all time. I think it must be a female author thing, I just enjoy reading stuff by female authors more. I had read Covenant with the Vampire by Jeanne when I was a young teenager (which blew my mind after I had spent many months reading solely Anne Rice's vampire chronicles), so [...]

    22. From Jeanne Kalogridis, author of the Vlad the Impaler trilogy, comes a novel of medieval France, Burning Time. In this book many issues come to play: pagan ritual, magic, the Black Death, as well as an appearance from Edward the Black Prince during the Hundred Years War.Sybille is one of the Race, an embodiment of the pagan goddess Diana, who came into existence years before God, ad the two beliefs that exist in a world fighting for the belief in only one of them. Sybille has now been captured [...]

    23. I picked this novel up after I finished The Borgia Bride. I LOVED the Borgia Bride and I enjoyed I, Mona Lisa. I thought this book would be of a similar genre, but about medieval France instead of Rennaissance Italy. I was also interested in the inquisition period and the Babylonian Captivity (Avignon papacy). I had read reviews on that the book was a bit strange, but I was not prepared for how strange it was. I was prepared to suspend belief - after all, I enjoy the magical realism genre and I [...]

    24. I finished reading this book in summer. It was a pleasent reading. It takes the reader to medievel times in France, where we meet Mary Sybille and the story of her life. I think the book represents well the conditions people used to live those times, and also their mentality against paganism, which is very interesting. Despite the book being based on historical events it has also a bit of magic and sureal, which is, in my opinion,very appealing to the reading.The writting was a little bit grotes [...]

    25. An enchanting tale that mixes history and magic. Though I was slightly concerned the direction this story would take, as it takes place in southern France in the Medieval era, I was somewhat surprised by how events took place. Without a doubt, given the location and time period of this piece, the element of magic surrounded the worship of a Goddess figure. What remained of interest though was the nature of the relationship the two main characters had with the Goddess. While their stories interwo [...]

    26. Tenho andado a adiar este review porque não sei muito bem o que dizer, a não ser que não gostei nada, para não dizer que detestei. Há algum tempo que queria ler este livro e, quando finalmente o consegui ler, andei a arrastar-me e acabei-o a custo. Logo para começar, Sibil, a personagem principal, irritava-me, facto que nunca me leva a gostar de um livro; e depois toda a história foi uma seca, sem nada que cativa-se mas sim para me fazer ter pena da coitadinha da freira, posta no pedestal [...]

    27. First book I've read by this author. Most likely the last as well, although based on other reviews here, readers are saying this is not her best. I hoped for more. It was enough of a page turner to finish, but in the end it felt rushed, and there was definitely some laziness throughout, which is sometimes easy to find in the genres of magic and science fiction writing, as it is easier to get away with certain things because some suspension of disbelief is necessary for reading it in the first pl [...]

    28. I purchased this book on sale somewhere many many years ago and it sat on my shelf for some time. I picked it up when I had nothing left to read and it took me longer than normal to get through it. I thought the plot was fairly well thought out and it was an interesting story line, however, I found it difficult to really get fully immersed in the story. Some of the parts were interesting and I found myself starting to fall "into" the book when suddenly it veers off and gets ho-hum again.Just an [...]

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